May. 7th, 2012

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Well, I got to have no internet for several days. My sister called Verizon several times but they didn't know what was wrong either and were 'working on it'.

On Friday, Mom and I finally put together the tv stand and set up the tv that used to belong to my grandmother and is now mine and my sister set up my PS2 for me. So I can now play video games in my room. So if I get bored of the internet, I can just go a little further away and play games and just have people on IRC stalkword me if they want to get my attention. :D

I've been reading a book my Uncle Manny's loaning me. It's called 'I Will Bear Witness'. It's actually two volumes. The first covers 1933-1941 and the other covers 1942-1945. The author is Victor Klemperer. It's his diary (well, part of it, just the part covering those years) and shows the day to day things of the Nazi regime.

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