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Oh, things I forgot to talk about in the last entry. I tried adding Sims 1 to the computer. Managed to play it fine for awhile but later got told I added another extension pack between playings (I hadn't and there wasn't any more to add after Makin' Magic anyway) and that it wanted to update. Then it would only let me uninstall. It looks like it may be too old to work properly on Windows 7. Dammit. >_< And it worked great before that issue cropped up, too. Ran much faster than on the old computer.

After setting up my PS2 and tv, I did a quick bit of playing my games to make sure all of them got transferred to the new memory card okay. (They were on my sister's) I then played through the first FMA game from the point I had stopped at. Since it was my second play through, there were extras for me to grab to unlock. Movie clips and pictures. I got most of them. It would be easier to find them if they weren't in identical chests to normal in-game objects to get. The second game makes it easier to identify the bonus content to grab even if it makes it really hard to get to some of the purple crystals.

Anyway. This time I didn't bother healing in the fight with Roy and Armstrong since I'm not supposed to win it anyway and I'll need the healing stuff for my next play through, which will mainly be about trying to find all the things. Got to be really frustrated and had to take a break for the last two important fights, because they were right after each other with no save point between and I kept dying during the second fight. And the first one? Involved three really tough chimera and it typically takes me 30-40 minutes to get through that fight. I had to rage quit for awhile and do something else for a couple of hours, 'cause I was getting too pissed off. I did get through it eventually. As seen by the beginning of this paragraph.

Oh, and while I was internetless, I got tto phishing attempts to get my RuneScape info. Apparently just to rub salt into the wound. -_- You're too late, assholes.

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